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Democrat & Chronicle

“It’s not that The Mighty High and Dry doesn’t sound like anything else. It’s more like … they sound like everything.”

Jeff Spevak, Democrat and Chronicle 

(Oct 24, 2013)


"The Mighty High & Dry's debut is a great CD which always sounds authentic, even when jumping around from roots rock to contemporary alternative (like the Black Keys) to Motown."

- Scott Regan, Open Tunings, WXXI/WRUR,

(Jan 31, 2014)


City Newspaper

“The grooves are infectious, the songwriting solid, and the musicianship workmanlike. It all adds up to Heartland Rock with an almost jazzy feel. The group is scheduled to release its self-titled debut album this May, and is already receiving critical praise.”                     

David Yockel, Jr., City Newspaper 

(Apr 17, 2013)