The Mighty High & Dry pumps out big-hearted American Rock ‘n ‘ Soul, employing a healer’s touch, a bartender’s wit and a lover’s kiss to the beat of the times. Since 2011, singer Alan Murphy has been channeling his writing efforts into MHD along with bassist Kyle Vock. With two members relocating in ’16, they’ve added guitarist Eric Katerle and drummer Alex Cote, who both triple their duties by writing and singing with the band.

The Mighty High & Dry play mostly in their city of Rochester, NY, but are in the process of expanding their reach to other regions. As well as expanding their reach, they will be expanding their personnel for some shows, adding horns, keys and female vocals, dubbing the party The Mighty High & Dry Assembly. They have released two full-length CDs, the 1st one (‘13) self-titled and the latest one (’16) titled “The Next Waltz”, indicating a nod to The Band and a need for the dance.

First Album

If the Mighty High & Dry's debut album were a painting, it'd be a Dali hanging over an altar with full bar. The first track, "Shine", is everyone's poison, after which everyone is invited to drink his or neighbors'- "Dam", "You Ain't Ready"...
Rochester, NY's MHD rock-soul-gravel blast is rooted by Alan Murphy's guttural-then-smooth vocals, Kyle Vock's deep-digging bass, Chris Teal's driving drums and Mike Frederick's dirty guitar talk. Enjoy this album like a pastor enjoys a Sunday afternoon cocktail; whether you're a believer or not, you'll feel it.

Freetime Magazine

“Shine” is an infectious, upbeat cut with shards of the Black Keys; “Trust Me Brother,” with its nod to Richie Havens, and “War is It,” an aggressive in-your-face blast of rock. From its salute to such classic acts as Steely Dan and Graham Parker (“You Ain’t Ready”), to its gut bucket blues (“Snake”), the collection succeeds... Once you realize that there’s consistency as well as variety, you’ll find yourself wondering what the next track will reveal. Grab a copy and find out. It’s a fun ride!”

Scott Gudell, Freetime Magazine (July 24, 2013)