New Year, New Album.

MHD Cover Art

MHD started 2014 and 2015 the same way- in the studio.

We’ve got 10 tracks from last year’s basics that are rounding the corner toward completion and we’ve got 9 new tracks recorded recently. We’re kicking around some creative packaging ideas with Tony Gross of GFI Studios and know it’s going to be fun rolling out this new material…


We are excited…



Though there aren’t many MHD shows on the calendar at this point, there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening with The Mighty High & Dry.

–       First, this website is brand new!  Thanks much to Emma Hsieh for all her hard work and talent! http://yunchiehhsieh.com/

–       We are working on our second album at GFI studios in Webster.  It’s a great time working with Tony Gross, who is engineering and producing us.  Currently, Alan is working on cutting lead vocals. http://gfimusic.com/

–       Alan’s cousin Michael Overman, will be updating our photos because the band has grown another member (Mike Frederick) and Alan has grown his hair. http://www.meophoto.com/

–       Kyle, Chris and Alan will be going into GFI on August 11th to record with Alan’s cousin, Mary Fagan, who has been living and playing in Austin, TX for a number of years.http://www.maryfagan.com/

–       Alan has been doing research and making plans for sending out the band’s debut, The Mighty High And Dry, to radio stations throughout the United States and Canada. (See the main menu for the iTunes version of this album.


Keep checking in and we’ll keep you posted!